Part # FDC6331L datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Fairchild Semiconductor

Fairchild Semiconductor

Part Description: FDC6331L Integrated Load Switch

Part Details:

FDC6331L August 2001 April 2007 tm FDC6331LIntegrated Load Switch Features General Description ­2.8 A, ­8 V. R This device is particularly suited for compact power DS(ON) = 55 m @ VGS = ­4.5 V management in portable electronic equipment where RDS(ON) = 70 m @ VGS = ­2.5 V 2.5V to 8V input and 2.8A output current capability are RDS(ON) = 100 m @ VGS = ­1.8 V needed. This load switch integrates a small N-Channelpower MOSFET (Q1) that drives a large P-Channel Control MOSFET (Q1) includes Zener protection for power MOSFET (Q2) in one tiny SuperSOTTM-6 ESD ruggedness (>6KV Human body model) package. Applications High performance trench technology for extremely low RDS(ON) Load switch Power management D2 Equivalent Circuit Q2 S1 Vin,R1 Vout,C1 D1 4 3 IN + V ­ OUT DROP ON/O FF 5 2 Vout,C1 G2 Q1 TM S2 R1,C1 R2 SuperSOT -6 6 1 G1 ON/OFF Pin 1

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FDC6331L.pdf Datasheet