Part # MAX4475-MAX4489 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Maxim


Part Description: MAX4475 DS

Part Details:

19-2137; Rev 3; 9/05 SOT23, Low-Noise, Low-Distortion, Wide-Band, Rail-to-Rail Op Amps MAX4475­MAX4478/MAX4488/MAX4489 General Description Features The MAX4475­MAX4478/MAX4488/MAX4489 wide- Low Input Voltage-Noise Density: 4.5nV/Hz band, low-noise, low-distortion operational amplifiers Low Input Current-Noise Density: 0.5fA/Hz offer rail-to-rail outputs and single-supply operation Low Distortion: 0.0002% THD+N (1k load) down to 2.7V. They draw 2.2mA of quiescent supplycurrent per amplifier while featuring ultra-low distortion Single-Supply Operation from +2.7V to +5.5V (0.0002% THD+N), as well as low input voltage-noise Input Common-Mode Voltage Range Includes density (4.5nV/Hz) and low input current-noise density Ground (0.5fA/Hz). These features make the devices an ideal Rail-to-Rail Output Swings with a 1k Load choice for applications that require low distortion and/or 10MHz GBW Product, Unity-Gain Stable low noise. (MAX4475­MAX4478) For power conservation, the MAX4475/MAX4488 offer a 42MHz GBW Product, Stable with AV +5V/V low-power shutdown mode that reduces supply current (MAX4488/MAX4489) to 0.01µA and places the amplifiers outputs into a high-impedance state. These amplifiers have outputs which Excellent DC Characteristics swing rail-to-rail and their input common-mode voltage VOS = 70µV range includes ground. The MAX4475­MAX4478 are IBIAS = 1pA unity-gain stable with a gain-bandwidth product of Large-Signal Voltage Gain = 120dB 10MHz. The MAX4488/4489 are internally compensatedfor gains of +5V/V or greater with a gain-bandwidth Low-Power Shutdown Mode: product of 42MHz. The single MAX4475/MAX4476/ Reduces Supply Current to 0.01µA MAX4488 are available in space-saving, 6-pin SOT23 Places Output in High-Impedance State and TDFN packages. Available in Space-Saving SOT23, TDFN, µMAX®, Applications and TSSOP Packages ADC Buffers Ordering Information DAC Output Amplifiers Low-Noise Microphone/Preamplifiers PIN- TOP PART TEMP RANGE PACKAGE

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