Part # FDG901D datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Fairchild Semiconductor

Fairchild Semiconductor

Part Description: FDG901D Slew Rate Control Driver IC for P-Channel MOSFETs

Part Details:

FDG90 February 2008 1D S FDG901D lew Slew Rate Control IC for P-Channel MOSFETs Rate Features General Description C Three Programmable Slew Rates The FDG901D is specifical y designed to control the turn on of a on Reduces Inrush Current P-Channel MOSFET in order to limit the inrush current in t battery switching applications with high capacitance loads. r Minimizes EMI o During turn-on, the FDG901D drives the MOSFET s gate low l Normal Turn-Off Speed I with a regulated current source, thereby control ing the C Low-Power CMOS Operates Over Wide Voltage Range MOSFET s turn on. For turn-off, the IC pul s the MOSFET gate fo Compact Industry Standard SC70-5 Surface Mount Package up quickly for efficient turn off. r RoHS Compliant P-C Applications han Battery Load switch n Power management el MOSFETs Pin 1 SC70-5 Package Marking and Ordering Information Device Marking Device Reel Size Tape Width Quantity 91 FDG901D 7" 8mm 3000 units

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FDG901D.pdf Datasheet