Part # MAX5913A-MAX5914A datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Maxim


Part Description: MAX5913A 14A DS

Part Details:

19-3302; Rev 0; 5/04 +48V Quad Hot-Swap Controllers For Power-Over-LAN MAX5913A/MAX5914A General Description Features The MAX5913A/MAX5914A are quadruple hot-swap con- Wide Operating Input Voltage Range: trollers. The MAX5913A/MAX5914A independently con- +35V to +72V trol four external n-channel switches to hot-swap systemloads from a single V IEEE 802.3af Compatible CC supply line. The devices allow the safe insertion and removal of power devices from live Four Independent Power Switch Controllers network ports. The operating supply voltage range is Open-Circuit Detector between +35V and +72V. The devices are intended forapplications in Power-Over-Media-Dependent Interface On-Board Charge Pumps to Drive External (MDI), but are not limited to such usage. n-Channel FETs The MAX5913A/MAX5914A feature an internal under- Current Sense with External Resistor voltage lockout (UVLO) function that prevents the FET Foldback Current Limiting from turning on, if VCC does not exceed the defaultvalue of +32V. The devices also feature a +12V relay +32V Input Undervoltage Lockout driver with 100mA current drive capable of driving low- On-Chip +12V, 100mA Voltage Relay Drivers voltage +3.3V relays. The MAX5913A features anactive-low relay driver that sinks current when the relayoutput is enabled. The MAX5914A features an active- Ordering Information high relay driver output that sources 1mA to drive anexternal FET relay driver when the relay output is PIN- PKG enabled. Control circuitry ensures the relays and the PART TEMP RANGE PACKAGE CODE FETs are off until VCC reaches the UVLO threshold. The MAX5913AEMH -40°C to +85°C 44 MQFP M44-3 MAX5913A/MAX5914A use an external sense resistorto enable all the internal current-sense functions. MAX5914AEMH* -40°C to +85°C 44 MQFP M44-3 The MAX5913A/MAX5914A feature a programmable *Future product--contact factory for availability. analog current-limit circuit. If the switch remains in currentlimit for more than a programmable time, the n-channelFET latches off and the supply can be restarted either by Pin Configuration autoretry or by an external command after the preset off-time has elapsed. TOP VIEW

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