Part # MCP355013 Low-Power Single-Channel 22-Bit Delta-Sigma ADCs datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Microchip


Part Description: MCP3550/1/3 Low-Power, Single-Channel 22-Bit Delta-Sigma ADCs

Part Details:

MCP3550/1/3 Low-Power, Single-Channel 22-Bit Delta-Sigma ADCs Features Description · 22-bit ADC in Small 8-pin MSOP Package with The Microchip Technology Inc. MCP3550/1/3 devices Automatic Internal Offset and Gain Calibration are 2.7V to 5.5V low-power, 22-bit Delta-Sigma Ana- · Low-Output Noise of 2.5 µV log-to-Digital Converters (ADCs). The devices offer RMS with Effective Resolution of 21.9 bits (MCP3550/1) output noise as low as 2.5 µVRMS, with a total · 3 µV Typical Offset Error unadjusted error of 10 ppm. The family exhibits 6 ppmIntegral Non-Linearity (INL) error, 3 µV offset error and · 2 ppm Typical Full-Scale Error less than 2 ppm full-scale error. The MCP3550/1/3 · 6 ppm Maximum INL Error devices provide high accuracy and low noise · Total Unadjusted Error Less Than 10 ppm performance for applications where sensor · No Digital Filter Settling Time, Single-Command measurements (such as pressure, temperature and Conversions through 3-wire SPI Interface humidity) are performed. With the internal oscillator · Ultra-Low Conversion Current (MCP3550/1): and high oversampling rate, minimal externalcomponents are required for high-accuracy - 100 µA typica l (VDD = 2.7V) applications. - 120 µA typica l (VDD = 5.0V) This product line has fully differential analog inputs, · Differential Input with VSS to VDD Common Mode making it compatible with a wide variety of sensor, Range industrial control or process control applications. · 2.7V to 5.5V Single-Supply Operation The MCP3550/1/3 devices operate from -40°C to · Extended Temperature Range: +125°C and are available in the space-saving 8-pin - -40°C to +125°C MSOP and SOIC packages. Applications Package Types: · Weigh Scales MCP3550/1/3 · Direct Temperature Measurement SOIC, MSOP · 6-digit DVMs · Instrumentation V 1 8 V REF DD · Data Acquisition

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