Part # Brief STLC2500HS datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: Bluetooth mono headset solution V2.0 + EDR

Part Details:

IMPORTANT NOTICE Dear customer, As from August 2nd 2008, the wireless operations of STMicroelectronics have moved to a new company, ST-NXP Wireless. As a result, the following changes are applicable to the attached document. Company name - STMicroelectronics NV is replaced with ST-NXP Wireless. Copyright - the copyright notice at the bottom of the last page "© STMicroelectronics 200x - All rights reserved", shall now read: "© ST-NXP Wireless 200x - All rights reserved". Web site - is replaced with Contact information - the list of sales offices is found at under Contacts. If you have any questions related to the document, please contact our nearest sales office. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. ST-NXP Wireless STLC2500HSD Bluetooth mono headset solution V2.0 + EDR Data Brief Features Based on Ericsson Technology Licensing Baseband Core (EBC) BluetoothTM specification compliance: V2.0 + WFBGA48 EDR, HW ready for V2.1 (Lisbon)+ EDR Clock support ­ Support ACL and SCO links ­ System clock input (digital or sine wave) at ­ Extended SCO (eSCO) links 9.6, 10, 13, 16, 16.8, 19.2, 26, 33.6 or ­ Faster Connection 38.4 MHz HW support for packet types ­ Low power clock input at 3.2 kHz, 32 kHz ­ ACL: DM1, DM3, DM5, DH1, DH3, DH5, 2- and 32.768 kHz DH1, 2-DH3, 2-DH5, 3-DH1, 3-DH3, 3-DH5 ARM7TDMITM CPU ­ SCO: HV1, HV3 and DV Memory organization ­ eSCO: EV3, EV4, EV5, 2-EV3, 2-EV5, 3- ­ On chip RAM, including provision for EV3, 3-EV5 patches Flexible and tunable application layer with ­ On chip ROM with a fully embedded support for up to 3 buttons, 3 LEDs, 1 vibrator solution for mono headsets up to the Headset Profile 1.1 (HSP) application layer Hands Free Profile 1.5 (HFP) Ciphering support up to 128-bit key

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Brief STLC2500HS.pdf Datasheet