Part # MAX8798 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Maxim


Part Description: MAX8798 DS

Part Details:

19-0971; Rev 1; 6/08 EVALUATION KIT AVAILABLE Internal-Switch Boost Regulator with Integrated 3-Channel Scan Driver for TFT LCDs MAX8798 General Description Features The MAX8798 includes a high-performance, step-up o 1.8V to 5.5V IN Supply Voltage Range regulator; a high-speed operational amplifier; a digitally o 1.8V to 4.0V VDD Input Voltage Range adjustable VCOM calibration device with nonvolatile o 1.2MHz Current-Mode Step-Up Regulator memory; an I2C interface; and a high-voltage, level-shift- Fast Transient Response ing scan driver. The device is optimized for thin-film Built-In 20V, 1.9A, 150m MOSFET transistor (TFT) liquid-crystal display (LCD) applications. o High-Speed (20MHz) Operational Amplifier The step-up DC-DC converter provides the regulated ±150mA Output Current supply voltage for panel source driver ICs. The high o High-Voltage Drivers with Scan Logic switching frequency allows the use of ultra-small induc- +45V to -25V Outputs tors and ceramic capacitors. The current-mode control 65V (maximum) Swing architecture provides fast transient response to pulsed Output Charge Sharing loads typical of source driver loads. The step-up regu-lator features soft-start and current limit. o Programmable VCOM Calibrator 7-Bit Adjustable Current-Sink Output The high-current operational amplifier is designed to I2C Interface drive the LCD backplane (VCOM). The amplifier fea- EEPROM Setting Memory tures high output current (±150mA), fast slew rate o Thermal-Overload Protection (45V/µs), wide bandwidth (20MHz), and rail-to-railinputs and outputs. Simplified Operating Circuit The programmable VCOM calibrator is externallyattached to the VCOM amplifier s resistive voltage-dividerand sinks a programmable current to adjust the VCOM VP output-voltage level. An internal 7-bit digital-to-analog VN converter (DAC) controls the sink current. The DAC isratiometric relative to BOOST and is guaranteed to bemonotonic over all operating conditions. The calibrator IC VIN VMAIN includes an EEPROM to store the desired VCOM voltage 50k SHDN IN LX level. The 2-wire I2C interface between the LCD paneland the programming circuit minimizes panel connector DISH

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