Part # LMH6714 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LMH6714 LMH6720 LMH6722 Wideband Video Op Amp; Single, Single with Shutdown and Quad

Part Details:

LMH6714/ May 2005 LMH6714/ LMH6720/ LMH6722 LMH6720/ Wideband Video Op Amp; Single, Single with Shutdownand QuadGeneral Description Features The LMH6714/6720/6722 series combine National s n 400MHz (A = +2V/V, V = 500mV ) -3dB BW LMH6722 V OUT PP VIP10TM high speed complementary bipolar process with n 250MHz (A = +2V/V, V = 2V ) -3dB BW V OUT PP National s current feedback topology to produce a very high n 0.1dB gain flatness to 120MHz speed op amp. These amplifiers provide a 400MHz small n Low power: 5.6mA signal bandwidth at a gain of +2V/V and a 1800V/µs slew n TTL compatible shutdown pin (LMH6720) rate while consuming only 5.6mA from ±5V supplies. n Very low diff. gain, phase: 0.01%, 0.01° (LMH6714) The LMH6714/6720/6722 series offer exceptional video per- n -58 HD2/ -70 HD3 at 20MHz W formance with its 0.01% and 0.01° differential gain and n Fast slew rate: 1800V/µs phase errors for NTSC and PAL video signals while driving a ideband back terminated 75 load. They also offer a flat gain re- n Low shutdown current: 500uA (LMH6720) sponse of 0.1dB to 120MHz. Additionally, they can deliver n 11ns turn on time (LMH6720) 70mA continuous output current. This level of performance n 7ns shutdown time (LMH6720) makes them an ideal op amp for broadcast quality video n Unity gain stable systems. n Improved replacement for CLC400,401,402,404,406 and The LMH6714/6720/6722 s small

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