Part # TDA7343D TDA7343 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics


Part Details:

® TDA7343 DIGITALLY CONTROLLED AUDIO PROCESSOR INPUT MULTIPLEXER- TWO STEREO AND ONE MONO INPUTS- SELECTABLE INPUT GAIN FOR OPTIMAL ADAPTATION TO DIFFERENT SOURCESFULLY PROGRAMMABLE LOUDNESSFUNCTIONVOLUME CONTROL IN 0.3dB STEPS IN-CLUDING GAIN UP TO 20dBZERO CROSSING MUTE AND DIRECT DIP28 SO28 MUTESOFT MUTE CONTROLLED BY SOFTWAREOR HARDWARE PIN ORDERING NUMBER: TDA7343 (DIP28) BASS AND TREBLE CONTROL TDA7343D (SO28) FOUR SPEAKER ATTENUATORS- FOUR INDEPENDENT SPEAKERS CONTROL IN 1.25dB STEPS FOR CMOS-switching techniques instead of standard BALANCE AND FADER FACILITIES bipolar multipliers, very low distortion and very - INDEPENDENT MUTE FUNCTION low noise are obtained Several new features like ALL FUNCTIONS PROGRAMMABLE VIA SE- softmute, zero-crossing mute and pause detector RIAL I2 CBUS are implemented.The Soft Mute function can be activated in two DESCRIPTION ways: The TDA7343 is an upgrade of the TDA7313 1 Via serial bus (bit D0, Mute Byte) audioprocessor. 2 Directly on pin 22 through an I/O line of the Thanks to the used BIPOLAR/CMOS technology, microcontroller very low distortion, low noise and DC-steppingare obtained. Very low DC stepping is obtained by use of aBICMOS technology. Due to a highly linear signal processing, using Obsolete Product(s) - Obsolete Product(s) November 1999 1/14 TDA7343 BLOCK DIAGRAM BUS OUT OUT OUT OUT SCL SDA LEFT FRONT LEFT REAR RIGHT FRONT RIGHT REAR 26 24 28 27 25 23 D93AU062B

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