Part # MAX941-MAX944 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Maxim


Part Description: MAX941 942 944 DS

Part Details:

19-0229; Rev 7; 2/07 High-Speed, Low-Power, 3V/5V, Rail-to-Rail, Single-Supply Comparators MAX941/MAX942/MAX944 General Description ____________________________Features The MAX941/MAX942/MAX944 are single/dual/quad Available in µMAX Package high-speed comparators optimized for systems pow- for Automotive Applications ered from a 3V or 5V supply. These devices combinehigh speed, low power, and rail-to-rail inputs. Optimized for 3V and 5V Applications Propagation delay is 80ns, while supply current is only (Operation Down to 2.7V) 350µA per comparator. Fast, 80ns Propagation Delay (5mV Overdrive) The input common-mode range of the MAX941/ Rail-to-Rail Input Voltage Range MAX942/MAX944 extends beyond both power-supplyrails. The outputs pull to within 0.4V of either supply rail Low 350µA Supply Current per Comparator without external pullup circuitry, making these devices Low, 1mV Offset Voltage ideal for interface with both CMOS and TTL logic. Allinput and output pins can tolerate a continuous short- Internal Hysteresis for Clean Switching circuit fault condition to either rail. Outputs Swing 200mV of Power Rails Internal hysteresis ensures clean output switching, CMOS/TTL-Compatible Outputs even with slow-moving input signals. The MAX941 fea-tures latch enable and device shutdown. Output Latch (MAX941 only) The single MAX941 and dual MAX942 are offered in a Shutdown Function (MAX941 only) tiny µMAX® package. Both the single and dual MAX942are available in 8-pin DIP and SO packages. The quad Ordering Information MAX944 comes in 14-pin DIP and narrow SO packages. PIN- PKG PART TEMP RANGE PACKAGE CODE ________________________Applications MAX941CPA 0°C to +70°C 8 Plastic DIP P8-1 3V/5V Systems MAX941CSA 0°C to +70°C 8 SO S8-2 Battery-Powered Systems MAX941EPA -40°C to +85°C 8 Plastic DIP

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