Part # AD7440 AD7450A datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Part Description: AD7440/AD7450A Differential Input 1 MSPS 10-Bit and 12-Bit ADCs in an 8-Lead SOT-23 Data Sheet (Rev. C)

Part Details:

Differential Input, 1 MSPS 10-Bit and 12-Bit ADCs in an 8-Lead SOT-23 AD7440/AD7450A FEATURES FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM Fast throughput rate: 1 MSPS VDD Specified for VDD of 3 V and 5 V Low power at max throughput rate 4 mW max at 1 MSPS with 3 V supplies VIN+ 12-BIT 9.25 mW max at 1 MSPS with 5 V supplies T/H SUCCESSIVE APPROXIMATION VIN­ Fully differential analog input ADC V Wide input bandwidth REF 70 dB SINAD at 100 kHz input frequency Flexible power/serial clock speed management No pipeline delays SCLK High speed serial interface SDATA AD7440/AD7450A CONTROL LOGIC SPI®/QSPITM/MICROWIRETM/DSP compatible CS Power-down mode: 1 A max -001 8-lead SOT-23 and MSOP packages 03051-A GND APPLICATIONS Figure 1. Transducer interface Battery-powered systems on the falling edge of CS; the conversion is also initiated at this Data acquisition systems point. The SAR architecture of these parts ensures that there are Portable instrumentation no pipeline delays. The AD7440 and the AD7450A use ad- Motor control vanced design techniques to achieve very low power dissipation at high throughput rates. GENERAL DESCRIPTION PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS The AD7440/AD7450A1 are 10-bit and 12-bit high speed, low 1. Operation with either 3 V or 5 V power supplies. power, successive approximation (SAR) analog-to-digital

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