Part # LM4817 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LM4817 Boomer ® Audio Power Amplifier Series 1W Stereo Audio Amplifier Plus Adjustable Output Limiter Plus Adjustable LDO

Part Details:

LM4817 February 2006 1W LM4817 Stereo 1W Stereo Audio Amplifier Plus Adjustable OutputLimiter Plus Adjustable LDOGeneral Description Key Specifications Audio The LM4817 combines a bridge-connected (BTL) stereo n P (BTL): V = 5V, THD+N 1%, R = 8 1.0W(typ) O DD L audio power amplifier with a low dropout voltage regulator n Power supply range (amplifier) 3.0V to 5.5V (LDO). The audio amplifier delivers 1.0W to a 8 load with a n Power supply range (LDO) 2.5V to 6.0V less than 1.0% THD+N while operating on a 5V power n Shutdown current 0.07µA (typ) Amplifier supply. With V set to 1.0V, the amplifier outputs are LIM n LDO output current 300mA (min) clamped to 6V , ±800mV. p-p n LDO dropout voltage (I = 300mA) 120mV (typ) OUT With the LM4817 s adjustable low-dropout (LDO) CMOS n LDO quiescent supply current 90µA (typ) linear regulator delivers an output current of up to 300mA, n LDO shutdown supply current 1nA (typ) has shutdown mode (1nA, typ) low quiescent current (90µA,typ) and LDO voltage (120mV, typ). The regulator is stable n LDO PSRR 60dB with small ceramic capacitive load (2.2µF, typ). The regulator n LDO turn-on time 120ms (typ) Plus includes regulation fault detection, a bandgap voltage refer- n LDO ouput noise-voltage 37µV (typ)

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