Part # MAX6335-MAX6337 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Maxim


Part Description: MAX6335 36 37 DS

Part Details:

19-1412; Rev 2; 12/05 4-Pin, Ultra-Low-Voltage, Low-Power µP Reset Circuits with Manual Reset MAX6335/MAX6336/MAX6337 General Description Features The MAX6335/MAX6336/MAX6337 microprocessor (µP) Ultra-Low 0.7V Operating Supply Voltage supervisory circuits monitor the power supplies in 1.8Vto 3.3V µP and digital systems. They increase circuit reli- Low 3.3µA Supply Current ability and reduce cost by eliminating external compo- Precision Monitoring of 1.8V and 2.5V Power- nents and adjustments. They also feature a debounced Supply Voltages manual-reset input. Reset Thresholds Available from 1.6V to 2.5V, These devices perform a single function: they assert areset signal whenever the V in Approximately 100mV Increments CC supply voltage declines below a preset threshold or whenever manual reset is Debounced Manual Reset asserted. Reset remains asserted for a preset timeout period after V Fully Specified over Temperature CC has risen above the reset threshold or after manual reset is deasserted. The only difference Three Power-On Reset Pulse Widths Available among the three devices is their output. The MAX6336 (1ms min, 20ms min, 100ms min) (push/pull) and MAX6337 (open-drain) have an active-low RESET output, while the MAX6335 (push/pull) has Low Cost an active-high RESET output. The MAX6335/MAX6336 Three Available Output Structures: Push/Pull are guaranteed to be in the correct state for VCC down RESET, Push/Pull RESET, Open-Drain RESET to 0.7V. The MAX6337 is guaranteed to be in the cor-rect state for VCC down to 1.0V. Guaranteed RESET/RESET Valid to VCC = 0.7V The reset comparator in these ICs is designed to ignore (MAX6335/MAX6336) fast transients on VCC. Reset thresholds are factory- Power-Supply Transient Immunity trimmable between 1.6V and 2.5V, in approximately100mV increments. There are 15 standard versions No External Components available (2500 piece minimum-order quantity); contact 4-Pin SOT143 Package the factory for availability of nonstandard versions(10,000 piece minimum-order quantity). For space-criti- Pin Compatible with MAX811/MAX812 and cal applications, the MAX6335/MAX6336/MAX6337 MAX6314/MAX6315 come packaged in a 4-pin SOT143. Applications Ordering Information Pentium IITM Computers PART*

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