Part # ADUC845 AD847 AD848 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Part Description: ADuC845/ADuC847/ADuC848 MicroConverter Multichannel 24-/16-Bit ADCs with Embedded 62 kB Flash and Single-Cycle MCU Data Sheet (R

Part Details:

MicroConverter® Multichannel 24-/16-Bit ADCs with Embedded 62 kB Flash and Single-Cycle MCU ADuC845/ADuC847/ADuC848 FEATURES Power High resolution - ADCs Normal: 4.8 mA max @ 3.6 V (core CLK = 1.57 MHz) 2 independent 24-bit ADCs on the ADuC845 Power-down: 20 µA max with wake-up timer running Single 24-bit ADC on the ADuC847 and Specified for 3 V and 5 V operation single 16-bit ADC on the ADuC848 Package and temperature range: Up to 10 ADC input channels on all parts 52-lead MQFP (14 mm × 14 mm), -40°C to +125°C 24-bit no missing codes 56-lead LFCSP (8 mm × 8 mm), -40°C to +85°C 22-bit rms (19.5 bit p-p) effective resolution Offset drift 10 nV/°C, gain drift 0.5 ppm/°C chop enabled APPLICATIONS Multichannel sensor monitoring Memory Industrial/environmental instrumentation 62-kbyte on-chip Flash/EE program memory Weigh scales, pressure sensors, temperature monitoring 4-kbyte on-chip Flash/EE data memory Portable instrumentation, battery-powered systems Flash/EE, 100-year retention, 100 kcycle endurance Data logging, precision system monitoring 3 levels of Flash/EE program memory security In-circuit serial download (no external hardware) FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM High speed user download (5 sec) 2304 bytes on-chip data RAM AVDD ADuC845 AVCO 8051-based core CURRENT IEXC1 SOURCE IEXC2 8051-compatible instruction set AIN1 BUF PGA PRIMARY High performance single-cycle core 24-BIT - ADC

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ADUC845 AD847 AD848.pdf Datasheet