Part # FMS6141 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Fairchild Semiconductor

Fairchild Semiconductor

Part Description: FMS6141 Low-Cost, Single-Channel 4th-Order Standard Definition Video Filter Driver

Part Details:

FMS6141 -- Low-Cost, Single-Channel 4 December 2006 FMS6141 Low-Cost, Single-Channel 4th-Order Standard Definition Video Filter Driver Features Description Single 4th-Order 8MHz (SD) Filter The FMS6141 Low-Cost Video Filter is intended to replace passive LC filters and drivers with a low-cost Drives Single, AC- or DC-coupled, Video Loads integrated device. The 4th-order filter provides improved (2Vpp, 150) image quality compared to typical 2nd or 3rd-order th passive solutions. -Order Standard Definition Video Filter Driver Drives Dual, AC- or DC-coupled, Video Loads (2Vpp, 75 ) The FMS6141 may be directly driven by a DC-coupled Transparent Input Clamping DAC output or an AC-coupled signal. Internal diode clamps and bias circuitry may be used if an AC-coupled AC- or DC-Coupled Input input is required (see Application Information for details). AC- or DC-Coupled Output The FMS6141 s output can drive an AC- or DC-coupled DC-Coupled Output Eliminates AC-Coupling single (150 ) or dual (75 ) load. DC-coupling the Capacitors output removes the need for output coupling capacitors. The input DC level is offset approximately +280mV at Single Supply the output (see Application Information for details). Robust 8kV ESD Protection Lead-Free Packages: SOIC-8 or SC70-5 Related Applications Notes Applications AN-6041 PCB Layout Considerations for Video Filter / Drivers Cable Set-Top Boxes AN-6024 FMS6xxx Product Series Understanding Analog Video Signal Clamps, Bias, DC-Restore, Satellite Set-Top Boxes and AC or DC Coupling Methods DVD Players HDTVs Personal Video Recorders (PVR) Video On Demand (VOD) Functional Block Diagram VIDEO IN T ransparent Clamp 2X VIDEOOUT 8MHz, 4th-order Figure 1. FMS6141 Block Diagram © 2006 Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation

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