Part # LMH6643EP datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LMH6642EP LMH6643EP LMH6644EP Enhanced Plastic Low Power, 130MHz, 75mA Rail-to-Rail Output Amplifiers

Part Details:

Output LMH6642EP/LMH6643EP/LMH6644EP July 2004 Amplifiers LMH6642EP/LMH6643EP/LMH6644EPEnhanced Plastic Low Power, 130MHz, 75mA Rail-to-RailOutput AmplifiersGeneral Description ENHANCED PLASTIC · Extended Temperature Performance of -40°C to +85°C The LMH664XEP family true single supply voltage feedbackamplifiers offer high speed (130MHz), low distortion · Baseline Control - Single Fab & Assembly Site (-62dBc), and exceptionally high output current (approxi- · Process Change Notification (PCN) mately 75mA) at low cost and with reduced power consump- · Qualification & Reliability Data tion when compared against existing devices with similar · Solder (PbSn) Lead Finish is standard performance. · Enhanced Diminishing Manufacturing Sources (DMS) Input common mode voltage range extends to 0.5V below V- Support and 1V from V+. Output voltage range extends to within40mV of either supply rail, allowing wide dynamic rangeespecially desirable in low voltage applications. The output Features stage is capable of approximately 75mA in order to drive (V = ±5V, T = 25°C, R = 2k, A = +1. Typical values S A L V heavy loads. Fast output Slew Rate (130V/µs) ensures large unless specified). Enhanced peak-to-peak output swings can be maintained even at n -3dB BW (A = +1) 130MHz V higher speeds, resulting in exceptional full power bandwidth n Supply voltage range 2.7V to 12.8V of 40MHz with a 3V supply. These characteristics, along with n Slew rate (Note 11), (A = -1) 130V/µs low cost, are ideal features for a multitude of industrial and V commercial applications. n Supply current (no load) 2.7mA/amp

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