Part # LM2459 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LM2459 Monolithic Single Channel 15 MHz DTV CRT Driver

Part Details:

LM2459 May 2004 Monolithic LM2459Monolithic Single Channel 15 MHz DTV CRT DriverGeneral Description Features The LM2459 is a single channel high voltage CRT driver n 15MHz bandwith at 130V output swing PP circuit designed for use in DTV applications. The IC contains n 0V to 4V input range Single a high input impedance, wide band amplifier which directly n Greater than 130V output swing capability PP drives the cathode of a CRT. The amplifier has its gain n Stable with 0­20 pF capacitive loads and inductive internally set to -51 and can drive CRT capacitive loads as peaking networks well as resistive loads present in other applications, limited n Transient response improvement option via pin 6 (EM) only by the package s power dissipation. Channel The IC is packaged in a staggered 7-lead TO-220 molded Applications plastic power package designed specifically to meet highvoltage spacing requirements. See Thermal Considerations n AC coupled DTV applications using the 480p format as section. well as standard NTSC and PAL formats. 15 Connection Diagram Schematic Diagram MHz DTV CRT Driver 20067802 Note: Tab is at GND Top View Order Number LM2459TE FIGURE 1. Simplified Connection and Pinout Diagram 20067801 FIGURE 2. Simplified Schematic Diagram © 2004 National Semiconductor Corporation DS200678 Absolute Maximum Ratings (Notes 1, Operating Ranges (Note 2) 3) LM2459 V +130V to +180V CC

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