Part # LM27213 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LM27213 Single Phase Hysteretic Buck Controller

Part Details:

LM27213 February 2006 LM27213 Single Single Phase Hysteretic Buck ControllerGeneral Description Features Phase The LM27213 is a single-phase synchronous buck regulator n Ideal load and line transient responses controller designed to fully support a portable microproces- n 5V to 30V input range sor. On-chip gate drive makes for a compact, single chip n On-chip gate drive solution. Output currents in excess of 25 Amps are possible. n Convenient CLK_EN# signal Hysteretic The IC employs a current mode hysteretic control mecha- n Input under-voltage lockout nism. Inductor current is sensed through a low value sense n High light-load efficiency resistor. n Adjustable analog soft start The LM27213 will operate over an input voltage range of 5V n Peak current limit to 30V. The output voltage is programmed through 6 Voltage n Over-voltage protection Identification (VID) pins and ranges from 0.700V to 1.708V in n Error correction for good static accuracy 64 steps. n ±1% DAC accurcy over temperature Buck Since the error in the output voltage directly sets the inductor n Interfaces with the LM2647 system supply current, the dynamic response to a large, fast load transientis close to a square wave. This is optimal for mode transition n Available in TSSOP or tiny LLP package requirements. Also, due to the intrinsic input voltage feedfor- Controller ward characteristic of hysteretic control, the line transient Applications response is excellent as well. n Core voltage supply for Low Power Processors The IC provides cycle-by-cycle peak current limit, over- n Low voltage high current buck regulators voltage protection, and a power good signal. The LM27213 Benefits fully supports the Stop CPU and Sleep modes offered by n Single chip core power solution some processors. When enabled, the IC enters a power-saving "diode emulator" mode which helps prolong battery n Minimum output capacitance required runtime for portable systems. n Low cost, compact design The LM27213 also has a soft start feature for the externaladjustment of soft start speed. Typical Application 20154330 © 2006 National Semiconductor Corporation

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