Part # AD9755 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Part Description: AD9755 14-Bit 300 MSPS High Speed TxDAC+ D/A Converter Data Sheet (REV. B)

Part Details:

a 14-Bit, 300 MSPS High Speed TxDAC+® D/A Converter AD9755* FEATURES FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM 14-Bit Dual Muxed Port DAC DVDD DCOM AVDD ACOM 300 MSPS Output Update RateExcellent SFDR and IMD PerformanceSFDR to Nyquist @ 25 MHz Output: 71 dB PORT1 LATCH IOUTA Internal Clock Doubling PLL MUX DAC Differential or Single-Ended Clock Input I PORT2 LATCH OUTB DAC LATCH On-Chip 1.2 V ReferenceSingle 3.3 V Supply Operation CLK+ REFIO Power Dissipation: 155 mW @ 3.3 V CLK­ PLL REFERENCE CLKVDD CLOCK FSADJ 48-Lead LQFP PLLVDD MULTIPLIER CLKCOM AD9755 APPLICATIONSCommunications: LMDS, LMCS, MMDS RESET LPF DIV0 DIV1 PLLLOCK Base StationsDigital SynthesisQAM and OFDM PRODUCT DESCRIPTION The DAC utilizes a segmented current source architecture com- The AD9755 is a dual, muxed port, ultrahigh speed, single- bined with a proprietary switching technique to reduce glitch channel, 14-bit CMOS DAC. It integrates a high quality 14-bit energy and maximize dynamic accuracy. Differential current TxDAC+ core, a voltage reference, and digital interface circuitry outputs support single-ended or differential applications. The into a small 48-lead LQFP package. The AD9755 offers excep- differential outputs each provide a nominal full-scale current tional ac and dc performance while supporting update rates up from 2 mA to 20 mA. to 300 MSPS.

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