Part # MAX9206-MAX9208 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Maxim


Part Description: MAX9206 MAX9208

Part Details:

19-2130; Rev 1; 12/07 EVALUATION KIT AVAILABLE 10-Bit Bus LVDS Deserializers MAX9206/MAX9208 General Description Features The MAX9206/MAX9208 deserializers transform a high- Stand-Alone Deserializer (vs. SERDES) Ideal for speed serial bus low-voltage differential signaling Unidirectional Links (BLVDS) data stream into 10-bit-wide parallel LVCMOS/LVTTL data and clock. The deserializers pair with seri- Automatic Clock Recovery alizers such as the MAX9205/MAX9207, which gener- Allow Hot Insertion and Synchronization Without ate a serial BLVDS signal from 10-bit-wide parallel System Interruption data. The serializer/deserializer combination reducesinterconnect, simplifies PC board layout, and reduces BLVDS Serial Input Rated for Point-to-Point and board size. Bus Applications The MAX9206/MAX9208 receive serial data at Fast Pseudorandom Lock 450Mbps and 600Mbps, respectively, over board Wide Reference Clock Input Range traces or twisted-pair cables. These devices combinefrequency lock, bit lock, and frame lock to produce a 16MHz to 45MHz (MAX9206) parallel-rate clock and word-aligned 10-bit data. 40MHz to 60MHz (MAX9208) Serialization eliminates parallel bus clock-to-data and High 720ps (p-p) Jitter Tolerance (MAX9206) data-to-data skew. Low 30mA Supply Current (MAX9206 at 16MHz) A power-down mode reduces typical supply current toless than 600µA. Upon power-up (applying power or 10-Bit Parallel LVCMOS/LVTTL Output driving PWRDN high), the MAX9206/MAX9208 estab- Up to 600Mbps Throughput (MAX9208) lish lock after receiving synchronization signals or serialdata from the MAX9205/MAX9207. An output enable Programmable Output Strobe Edge allows the outputs to be disabled, putting the parallel Pin Compatible to DS92LV1212A and data outputs and recovered output clock into a high- DS92LV1224 impedance state without losing lock. The MAX9206/MAX9208 operate from a single +3.3Vsupply and are specified for operation from -40°C to Ordering Information +85°C. The MAX9206/MAX9208 are available in 28-pinSSOP packages. TEMP. REF CLOCK PIN- PART RANGE RANGE (MHz) PACKAGE Applications

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