Part # LM4842 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LM4842 Boomer ® Audio Power Amplifier Series Stereo 2W Amplifiers with DC Volume Control, Input MUX, Transient Free Output

Part Details:

Cap-less LM4842 October 2006 Stereo LM4842 Headphone Stereo 2W Amplifiers with DC Volume Control, InputMUX, Transient Free Outputs, and Cap-less Headphone 2W Drive Amplifiers General Description Key Specifications Drive The LM4842 is a monolithic integrated circuit that provides n P at 1% THD+N O DC volume control, and stereo bridged audio power amplifi- n into 3 (MH and LQ) 2.2W(typ) ers capable of producing 2W into 4 (Note 1) or 2.2W into n into 4 (MH and LQ) 2.0W(typ) 3 (Note 2) with less than 1.0% THD+N. n into 8 (MT, MH, and LQ) 1.1W(typ) Boomer® audio integrated circuits were designed specifically n Single-ended THD+N at 85mW into 32 1.0%(typ) with to provide high quality audio while requiring a minimum n Shutdown current (Shutdown Low) 0.2µA(typ) amount of external components. The LM4842 incorporates aDC volume control, stereo bridged audio power amplifiers, Features DC new cap-less headphone driver circuit (patent pending), se-lectable gain or bass boost, and an input mux making it n Stereo headphone amplifier mode that eliminates the optimally suited for multimedia monitors, portable radios, Output Coupling Capacitors (patent pending) V desktop, and portable computer applications. n Advanced "click and pop" suppression circuitry olume The LM4842 features an externally controlled, low-power n Acoustically Enhanced DC Volume Control Taper consumption shutdown mode (Shutdown Low), and both a n 2 Channel Stereo Input MUX power amplifier and headphone mute for maximum system n System Beep Detect flexibility and performance. n Stereo switchable bridged/single-ended power amplifiers

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