Part # LM2633 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LM2633 Advanced Two-Phase Synchronous Triple Regulator Controller for Notebook CPUs

Part Details:

LM2633 April 2005 Advanced LM2633Advanced Two-Phase Synchronous Triple RegulatorController for Notebook CPUsGeneral Description Features Two-Phase The LM2633 is a feature-rich IC that combines three regu- GENERAL lator controllers - two current mode synchronous buck regu- n Three regulated output voltages lator controllers and a linear regulator controller. n 4.5V to 30V input range The two switching regulator controllers operate 180° out of n Power good function phase. This feature reduces the input ripple RMS current, n Input under-voltage lockout resulting in a smaller input filter. n Thermal shutdown The first switching controller (Channel 1) features an Intel n Tiny TSSOP package Synchronous mobile CPU compatible precision 5-bit digital-to-analog con-verter which programs the output voltage from 0.925V to SWITCHING SECTION 2.00V. It is also compatible with the dynamic VID require- n Two channels operating 180° out of phase ments. The second switching controller (Channel 2) is ad- n Separate on/off control for each channel justable between 1.25V to 6.0V. n Current mode control without sense resistor Use of synchronous rectification and pulse-skip operation at n Skip-mode operation available light load achieves high efficiency over a wide load range. n Adjustable cycle-by-cycle current limit Fixed-frequency operation can be obtained by disabling the n Negative current limit pulse-skip mode. n Analog soft start independent of input voltage slew rate T Current-mode feedback control assures excellent line and n Power ground pins separate riple load regulation and a wide loop bandwidth for good re- n Output UVP and OVP sponse to fast load transient events. Current mode control is n Programmable output UVP delay achieved through sensing the Vds of the top FET and thus n 250kHz switching frequency (for Vin < 17V) an external sense resistor is not necessary. Regulator n Channel 1 output from 0.925V to 2.00V A power good signal is available to indicate the general n ±1.5% DAC accuracy from 0°C to 125°C health of the output voltages. n ±1.7% initial tolerance for Channel 2 A unique feature is the analog soft-start for the switching

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