Part # AD202_204 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Part Description: AD202/AD204 Low Cost Miniature Isolation Amplifiers Data Sheet (Rev D)

Part Details:

a Low Cost, Miniature Isolation Amplifiers AD202/AD204 FEATURES PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS Small Size: 4 Channels/lnch The AD202 and AD204 are full-featured isolators offering Low Power: 35 mW (AD204) numerous benefits to the user: High Accuracy: 0.025% Max Nonlinearity (K Grade) Small Size: The AD202 and AD204 are available in SIP and High CMR: 130 dB (Gain = 100 V/V) DIP form packages. The SIP package is just 0.25" wide, giving Wide Bandwidth: 5 kHz Full-Power (AD204) the user a channel density of four channels per inch. The isolation High CMV Isolation: 2000 V pk Continuous (K Grade) barrier is positioned to maximize input to output spacing. For (Signal and Power) applications requiring a low profile, the DIP package provides a Isolated Power Outputs height of just 0.350". Uncommitted Input Amplifier High Accuracy: With a maximum nonlinearity of ± 0.025% APPLICATIONS for the AD202K/AD204K (± 0.05% for the AD202J/AD204J) Multichannel Data Acquisition and low drift over temperature, the AD202 and AD204 provide Current Shunt Measurements high isolation without loss of signal integrity. Motor ControlsProcess Signal Isolation Low Power: Power consumption of 35 mW (AD204) and High Voltage Instrumentation Amplifier 75 mW (AD202) over the full signal range makes these isolatorsideal for use in applications with large channel counts or tight GENERAL DESCRIPTION power budgets. The AD202 and AD204 are general purpose, two-port, trans- Wide Bandwidth: The AD204 s full-power bandwidth of 5 kHz former-coupled isolation amplifiers that may be used in a broad makes it useful for wideband signals. It is also effective in appli- range of applications where input signals must be measured, cations like control loops, where limited bandwidth could result processed, and/or transmitted without a galvanic connection. in instability. These industry standard isolation amplifiers offer a completeisolation function, with both signal and power isolation provided Excellent Common-Mode Performance: The AD202K/ for in a single compact plastic SIP or DIP style package. The AD204K provide ±2000 V pk continuous common-mode isola- primary distinction between the AD202 and the AD204 is that tion, while the AD202J/AD204J provide ±1000 V pk continuous the AD202 is powered directly from a 15 V dc supply while the common-mode isolation. All models have a total common-mode AD204 is powered by an externally supplied clock, such as the input capacitance of less than 5 pF inclusive of power isolation. recommended AD246 Clock Driver.

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