Part # MAX8640Y-MAX8640Z datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Maxim


Part Description: MAX8640Y DS

Part Details:

19-3997; Rev 3; 6/08 EVALUATION KIT AVAILABLE Tiny 500mA, 4MHz/2MHz Synchronous Step-Down DC-DC Converters MAX8640Y/MAX8640Z General Description Features The MAX8640Y/MAX8640Z step-down converters are Tiny SC70 and µDFN Packages optimized for applications where small size, high effi- 500mA Guaranteed Output Current ciency, and low output ripple are priorities. They utilize 4MHz or 2MHz PWM Switching Frequency a proprietary PWM control scheme that optimizes the Tiny External Components: 1µH/2.2µF or switching frequency for high efficiency with small exter- 2.2µH/4.7µF nal components and maintains low output ripple volt- 28µA Quiescent Current age at all loads. The MAX8640Z switches at up to Factory Preset Outputs from 0.8V to 2.5V 4MHz to allow a tiny 1µH inductor and 2.2µF output capacitor. The MAX8640Y switches at up to 2MHz for ±1% Initial Accuracy higher efficiency while still allowing small 2.2µH and Low Output Ripple at All Loads 4.7µF components. Output current is guaranteed up to Ultrasonic Skip Mode Down to 1mA Loads 500mA, while typical quiescent current is 28µA. Ultra-Fast Line- and Load-Transient Response Factory-preset output voltages from 0.8V to 2.5V elimi- Fast Soft-Start Eliminates Inrush Current nate external feedback components. Internal synchronous rectification greatly improves effi- Ordering Information ciency and replaces the external Schottky diode PIN- required in conventional step-down converters. Internal PART* TOP MARK PACKAGE fast soft-start eliminates inrush current so as to reduceinput capacitor requirements. MAX8640YEXT08+T 6 SC70 ACQ The MAX8640Y/MAX8640Z are available in the tiny 6- MAX8640YEXT10+T 6 SC70 ADF pin, SC70 (2.0mm x 2.1mm) and µDFN (1.5mm x MAX8640YEXT11+T 6 SC70 ACR

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