Part # Brief VT5365 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: Single chip optical mouse sensor for wireless applications

Part Details:

VT5365 Single-chip optical mouse sensor for wireless applications Data Brief Features Applications One chip solution with internal micro and Wireless optical mouse for Laptop/Desktop PC minimal external circuitry 1.8V (single battery) or 2.0 V to 3.2 V (serial Technical specifications batteries) supply operation Resolution 800 (default) / 1600 CPI Very low power operation, enabling long battery life Pixel size 30.4 µm 800 / 1600 cpi resolution (switchable by Array size 20*20 pixels simultaneous button press) Frame rate Up to 10,000 frames/second Up to 10,000 frames per second 400CPI - 32ips Tracking at up to 40 ips High speed motion 800CPI - 16ips Internal 27.045MHz modulator, frequency & detector(1) 1600CPI - 8ips deviation customizable via E2 3200CPI - 4ips Single 12MHz Crystal design Clock 12MHz ST 4.8 kbps protocol, Supply voltage 1.8V customization available via E2 Fast run (10Kfps) - 22mA 254 ID codes Slow run (2.5Kfps) - 12mA Supply current(2) Idle 1 -500µA Mechanical Z-wheel + 5 buttons Idle 2 - 120µA Low battery detect and indicator Sleep - 70µA Proven, high volume package technology, Operating temperature [0: 60] °C smallest package currently available on market 7*7mm 32 lead LOQFP Suitable for use with LED and laser light

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Brief VT5365.pdf Datasheet