Part # MAX4200-MAX4205 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Maxim


Part Description: MAX4200-4205 DS

Part Details:

19-1338; Rev 3; 3/07 Ultra-High-Speed, Low-Noise, Low-Power, SOT23 Open-Loop Buffers MAX4200­MAX4205 ________________General Description ____________________________Features The MAX4200­MAX4205 are ultra-high-speed, open- 2.2mA Supply Current loop buffers featuring high slew rate, high output cur-rent, low noise, and excellent capacitive-load-driving High Speed capability. The MAX4200/MAX4201/MAX4202 are sin- 780MHz -3dB Bandwidth (MAX4201/MAX4202) gle buffers, while the MAX4203/MAX4204/MAX4205 are 280MHz 0.1dB Gain Flatness (MAX4201/MAX4202) dual buffers. The MAX4201/MAX4204 have integrated 4200V/µs Slew Rate 50 termination resistors, making them ideal for driv-ing 50 transmission lines. The MAX4202/MAX4205 Low 2.1nV/Hz Voltage-Noise Density include 75 back-termination resistors for driv- Low 0.8pA/Hz Current-Noise Density ing 75 transmission lines. The MAX4200/MAX4203have no internal termination resistors. High ±90mA Output Drive (MAX4200/MAX4203) The MAX4200­MAX4205 use a proprietary architecture Excellent Capacitive-Load-Driving Capability to achieve up to 780MHz -3dB bandwidth, 280MHz Available in Space-Saving SOT23 or µMAX® 0.1dB gain flatness, 4200V/µs slew rate, and ±90mAoutput current drive capability. They operate from ±5V Packages supplies and draw only 2.2mA of quiescent current.These features, along with low-noise performance, make _______________Ordering Information these buffers suitable for driving high-speed analog-to-digital converter (ADC) inputs or for data-communica- TOP PKG PART PIN-PACKAGE tions applications. MARK CODE MAX4200ESA 8 SO -- S8-2 ________________________Applications MAX4200EUK-T 5 SOT23-5 AABZ U5-1 MAX4201ESA 8 SO -- S8-2 High-Speed DAC Buffers MAX4201EUK-T 5 SOT23-5 ABAA

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