Part # ADCLK905 AD907 AD925 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Part Description: ADCLK905/ADCLK907/ADCLK925 Ultrafast SiGe ECL Clock/Data Buffers Data Sheet (Rev. 0)

Part Details:

Ultrafast SiGe ECL Clock/Data Buffers ADCLK905/ADCLK907/ADCLK925 FEATURES TYPICAL APPLICATION CIRCUITS 95 ps propagation delay 7.5 GHz toggle rate VREF VCC 60 ps typical output rise/fall VT 60 fs random jitter (RJ) On-chip terminations at both input pins D Q Extended industrial temperature range: -40°C to +125°C D Q 2.5 V to 3.3 V power supply (VCC - VEE) 01 APPLICATIONS 08- VEE 6310 Clock and data signal restoration and level shifting Figure 1. ADCLK905 ECL 1:1 Clock/Data Buffer Automated test equipment (ATE) High speed instrumentation High speed line receivers Threshold detection VREF1 Converter clocking VT1 VCC GENERAL DESCRIPTION D1 Q1 The ADCLK905 (one input, one output), ADCLK907 (dual one D1 Q1 input, one output), and ADCLK925 (one input, two outputs) are VEE ultrafast clock/data buffers fabricated on the Analog Devices, Inc., V proprietary XFCB3 silicon germanium (SiGe) bipolar process. EE D2 Q2 The ADCLK905/ADCLK907/ADCLK925 feature full-swing D2 Q2 emitter coupled logic (ECL) output drivers. For PECL (positive

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