Part # LM5080 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LM5080 Modular Current Sharing Controller

Part Details:

LM5080 January 2006 Modular LM5080Modular Current Sharing ControllerGeneral Description Features Current The LM5080 is a simple and cost effective load share con- n Average program current share method troller that provides all functions required to balance the n Single-wire star link current share bus currents delivered from multiple power converters operated n No precision external resistors necessary in parallel. The LM5080 implements an average program n 3V to 15V bias voltage range (AP) method of active load share control which adjusts the n Adaptable for high or low side current sensing output voltage of individual power stages either up or down Sharing n Flexible architecture allows 4 modes of operation: to deliver nearly equal currents to a common load. The Negative remote sense adjustment average program method improves stability and reduces the Positive remote sense adjustment output voltage tolerance when compared to other common Trim or reference adjustment load sharing methods. The LM5080 supports two common Feedback divider adjustment applications for load share controllers: external control inwhich the load share circuit balances currents between Controller separate power modules (bricks), and internal control where Packages the load share circuit is integrated into the voltage regulation n MSOP-8 loop of each power converter module or circuit. n RoHS compliant Pb free available LM5080 Typical Application 20157801 Remote Sense Adjust Mode © 2006 National Semiconductor Corporation DS201578 Connection Diagram LM5080 20157802 8-Lead MSOP See NS Package Number MUA08A Ordering Information Order Number Description NSC Package Drawing Supplied As LM5080MM MSOP-8 MUA08A

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