Part # TSM1012 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: Low consumption voltage and current controller for battery chargers and adaptors

Part Details:

TSM1012 LOW CONSUMPTION VOLTAGE AND CURRENT CONTROLLER FOR BATTERY CHARGERS AND ADAPTORS s CONSTANT VOLTAGE AND CONSTANT CURRENT CONTROL s LOW CONSUMPTION s LOW VOLTAGE OPERATION s LOW EXTERNAL COMPONENT COUNT s CURRENT SINK OUTPUT STAGE s EASY COMPENSATION s HIGH AC MAINS VOLTAGE REJECTION VOLTAGE REFERENCEs FIXED OUTPUT VOLTAGE REFERENCE 1.25V D S s 0.5% AND 1% VOLTAGE PRECISION SO-8 MiniSO-8 (Plastic Package) (Plastic Micropackage) DESCRIPTION TSM1012 is a highly integrated solution for SMPSapplications requiring CV (constant voltage) andCC (constant current) mode. PIN CONNECTIONS (top view) TSM1012 integrates one voltage reference andtwo operational amplifiers (with ORed outputs -common collectors).The voltage reference combined with oneoperational amplifier makes it an ideal voltagecontroller. The other operational, combined with Vref Vcc 1 8 few external resistors and the voltage reference,can be used as a current limiter. 1,25V 28V APPLICATIONS CC- Out 2 7 CC s ADAPTERS s BATTERY CHARGERS CC+ Gnd ORDER CODE 3 6 Package Vref CV Part Temperature Marking Number Range CV- CV+ S

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TSM1012.pdf Datasheet