Part # BD433 BD434 BD435 BD436 BD437 BD438 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics


Part Details:

BD433/5/7 ® BD434/6/8 COMPLEMENTARY SILICON POWER TRANSISTORS s STMicroelectronics PREFERREDSALESTYPE s COMPLEMENTARY PNP - NPN DEVICES DESCRIPTION The BD433, BD435, and BD437 are siliconepitaxial-base NPN power transistors in JedecSOT-32 plastic package, intented for use inmedium power linear and switching applications. 1 The BD433 is especially suitable for use in 2 3 car-radio output stages. The complementary PNP types are BD434, SOT-32 BD436, and BD438 respectively. INTERNAL SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS Symbol Parameter Value Unit NPN BD433 BD435 BD437 PNP BD434 BD436 BD438 VCBO Collector-Base Voltage (IE = 0) 22 32 45 V VCES Collector-Emitter Voltage (VBE = 0) 22 32 45 V VCEO Collector-Emitter Voltage (IB = 0) 22 32 45 V VEBO Emitter-Base Voltage (IC = 0) 5 V IC Collector Current 4

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