Part # Application Note General Purpose Products STPIC6A259 AN1610 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: Power logic 8-bit addressable

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AN1610 APPLICATION NOTE POWER LOGIC 8-BIT ADDRESSABLE S. Lupo 1. ABSTRACT The aim of this work is to give a clear and exhaustive overview of the operation of STPIC6A259. Fromthe applications point of view, particular attention is given to the thermal behavior and both the values ofthe junction-ambient thermal resistance (Qja) and the maximum dissipation power (Pd) are verified.These values are obtained as a function of the maximum reachable temperature of the DIE (150°C) andthe geometry of cooling fin on the PCB.This application note involves the realization of an inner virtual thermometer and that of boards withcooling fins of different dimensions. This last point is necessary to determine the optimal geometry thatdefines the maximum dissipation power operating in the same conditions. 2. SHORT REFERENCE: - 3: STPIC6A259 1 - 3.1: Description 2 - 3.2: Characteristics 3 - 3.3: Operation modes 4 - 4: OPERATING MODE 4 - 4.1: Dissipation power 4 - 4.2: Internal thermometer 5 - 4.3: Dissipation power and cooling fin 6 - 4.4: Used instrumentation 7 - 4.5: Measures 8 - 4.6: Thermal resistance 13 - 5: CONCLUSION: 14 - 6: APPENDIX: 15 3. STPIC6A259 STPIC6A259 is "8-bit addressable latch" power logic that controls open drain DMOS transistor outputs.It is a multifunctional device capable of operating as eight addressable latches or an 8-line demultiplexerwith active-low DMOS outputs.STPIC6A259 is generally designed for storage applications in digital systems. Specific uses includeworking registers, serial-holding registers and decoders or demultiplexers. November 2002 1/16 AN1610 - APPLICATION NOTE 3.1 DESCRIPTION To make clear the structure and the operation of STPIC6A259, the following figures show a blockdiagram configuration and a functional logic scheme: Figure 1: Block Diagram VCC LGND PGND PGND Drain S0 Decode Drain S1 Logic Current limit Drain S2 + Drain Charge- D pump Drain G PWM Drain Control CLR

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