Part # 74LS07 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: Hex Buffers Drivers With Open-Collector High-Voltage Outputs

Part Details:

SN5407, SN5417, SN7407, SN7417 HEX BUFFERS/DRIVERS WITH OPEN-COLLECTOR HIGH-VOLTAGE OUTPUTS SDLS032D ­ DECEMBER 1983 ­ REVISED AUGUST 2001 D Convert TTL Voltage Levels to MOS Levels SN5407, SN5417 . . . J OR W PACKAGE D SN7407 . . . D, N, OR NS PACKAGE High Sink-Current Capability SN7417 . . . D OR N PACKAGE D Input Clamping Diodes Simplify System (TOP VIEW) Design D 1A 1 14 V Open-Collector Driver for Indicator Lamps CC 1Y 2 13 6A and Relays D 2A 3 12 6Y Inputs Fully Compatible With Most TTL 2Y 4 11 5A Circuits 3A 5 10 5Y 3Y 6 9 4A description GND 7 8 4Y These TTL hex buffers/drivers featurehigh-voltage open-collector outputs for interfacingwith high-level circuits (such as MOS) or for driving high-current loads (such as lamps or relays), and also arecharacterized for use as buffers for driving TTL inputs. The SN5407 and SN7407 have minimum breakdownvoltages of 30 V, and the SN5417 and SN7417 have minimum breakdown voltages of 15 V. The maximum sinkcurrent is 30 mA for the SN5407 and SN5417 and 40 mA for the SN7407 and SN7417. These devices perform Boolean function Y = A in positive logic. These circuits are completely compatible with most TTL families. Inputs are diode clamped to minimizetransmission-line effects, which simplifies design. Typical power dissipation is 145 mW, and averagepropagation delay time is 14 ns. ORDERING INFORMATION TOP-SIDE

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