Part # MAX9789-MAX9790 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Maxim


Part Description: MAX9789-90 DS

Part Details:

19-0606; Rev 2; 8/08 Windows Vista-Compliant, Stereo Class AB Speaker Amplifiers and DirectDrive Headphone Amplifiers MAX9789/MAX9790 General Description Features The MAX9789/MAX9790 combine a stereo, 2W Class AB Microsoft Windows Vista Compliant speaker power amplifier with a stereo 100mW Class AB 2W Stereo BTL Speaker Amplifier DirectDrive® headphone amplifier in a single device. TheMAX9789/MAX9790 are designed for use with the 100mW DirectDrive Headphone Amplifier Eliminates Costly, Bulky DC-Blocking Capacitors Microsoft Windows Vista® operating system and are fullycompliant with Microsoft s Windows Vista specifications. Excellent RF Immunity The headphone amplifier features Maxim s patented Integrated 120mA LDO (MAX9789) DirectDrive architecture that produces a ground-refer- High +90dB PSRR, Low 0.002% THD+N enced output from a single supply to eliminate the need Low-Power Shutdown Mode for large DC-blocking capacitors, as well as save cost,board space, and component height. A high +90dB Click-and-Pop Suppression PSRR and low 0.002% THD+N ensures clean, low-distor- Short-Circuit and Thermal-Overload Protection tion amplification of the audio signal. Available in 32-Pin Thin QFN (5mm x 5mm x Separate speaker and headphone amplifier control 0.8mm) Package inputs provide independent shutdown of the speakerand headphone amplifiers, allowing speaker and head- Ordering Information phone amplifiers to be active simultaneously, ifrequired. The industry-leading click-and-pop suppres- PIN- INTERNAL t PKG PART ON sion circuitry reduces audible transients during startup PACKAGE LDO (ms) CODE and shutdown cycles. MAX9789AETJ+ 32 TQFN-EP* Yes 100 T3255N-1 The MAX9789 features an internal LDO that can be used MAX9789BETJ+** 32 TQFN-EP* Yes 25 T3255N-1 as a clean power supply for a CODEC or other circuits. MAX9789CETJ+ 32 TQFN-EP*

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