Part # Application Note Power Supply And Power Management TSM101 AN916 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: TSM101 in SMPS

Part Details:

® APPLICATION NOTE TSM101 IN S.M.P.S by G. AUGUSTONI The TSM101 is a voltage and current controller The amplifier is driving on output pin 6 the opto- providing a more integrated solution in Switching coupler or a post regulation power MOS. Mode Power Supply application versus common The TSM101 can also be used just as a current and standard ICs solution, with more functions widely voltage supervisor, outside the regulation loop. Re- used in power control in a single IC. placing R2 with higher value like 110K, enables This application note shows three basic configura- the TSM101 to detect overvoltage and overcurrent tions of the IC, to be used in the secondary side of on the 12V output. Pin 6 output is then a power any SMPS. good signal. A pull up resistor on the output pin 6 Functions described are precise secondary voltage may be needed. regulation, current limiting with foldback function, Logic is : High - Power Ok, Low - Power failure. window detector with output feedback to opto-cou- Current limitation is controlled through R4/R3 re- pler or power good signal to CPU. sistor bridge. The threshold voltage corresponding 1 - Voltage regulation and overcurrent control to the drop voltage in the shunt resistor is given byR4 value. One TSM101 is used to control each voltage outputof the SMPS controlling current and voltage. In Figure 1a example, 1K = 1V, so 100 is100mV. Figure 1a shows how to use TSM101 on a singleoutput. Values are given for a 12V regulated output · Vth=R3/R4 x Vout and 10A current limit. We can see in this formula that the current limit level Voltage regulation is achieved with R2/R1 resistor is linked to the output voltage level. This is the bridge comparing the voltage to TSM101 internal foldback function, when output voltage drops, cur- 1.24V voltage reference. rent limit level drops in the same time, limiting · destruction in the load defect. Vout =1.24x(R1+R2)/R1=1.24x117/12=12.09V If during start up, a higher current limit is needed,the figure 1b schematic brings a smart solution Figure 1a : Voltage and Current Control AN916/0299 1/3 APPLICATION NOTE using the current source to offset the current detec- informing the system with an ored Power Good tion level. output.

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