Part # AD9276 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Part Description: AD9276 Octal LNA/VGA/AAF/ADC and CW I&Q Demodulator Preliminary Data Sheet (Rev. PrB)

Part Details:

Octal LNA/VGA/AAF/ADC and CW I&Q Demodulator Preliminary Technical Data AD9276 FEATURES 8 channels of LNA, VGA, AAF, ADC and I&Q Demodulator APPLICATIONS Low noise preamplifier (LNA) Medical imaging/ultrasound Input-referred noise = 0.75 nV/Hz (gain = 21.3 dB) Automotive radar @ 5 MHz typical SPI-programmable gain = 15.6 dB/17.9 dB/21.3 dB Single-ended input; VIN maximum = 733 mV p-p/ GENERAL DESCRIPTION 550 mV p-p/367 mV p-p Dual-mode active input impedance matching The AD9276 is designed for low cost, low power, small size, Bandwidth (BW) > 100 MHz and ease of use. It contains eight channels of a variable gain amp- Full-scale (FS) output = 4.4 V p-p differential lifier (VGA) with a low noise preamplifier (LNA); an antialiasing Variable gain amplifier (VGA) filter (AAF); a 12-bit, 10 MSPS to 80 MSPS analog-to-digital Attenuator range = -42 dB to 0 dB converter (ADC); and an I&Q demodulator with programmable Postamp gain = 21 dB/24 dB/27 dB/30 dB Linear-in-dB gain control phase rotation Antialiasing filter (AAF) Each channel features a variable gain range of 42 dB, a fully Programmable 2nd-order LPF from 8 MHz to 18 MHz differential signal path, an active input preamplifier termination, a Programmable HPF Analog-to-digital converter (ADC) maximum gain of up to 52 dB, and an ADC with a conversion 12 bits at 10 MSPS to 80 MSPS rate of up to 80 MSPS. The channel is optimized for dynamic SNR = 70 dB performance and low power in applications where a small SFDR = 75 dB package size is critical. Serial LVDS (ANSI-644, IEEE 1596.3 reduced range link) Data and frame clock outputs The LNA has a single-ended-to-differential gain that is selectable CW Mode I & Q demodulator through the SPI. The LNA input noise is typically 0.75 nV/Hz Invididualprogrammable phase rotation at a gain of 21.3 dB, and the combined input-referred noise of Output dynamic range per channel > 160dBc/Hz the entire channel is 0.85 nV/Hz at maximum gain. Assuming Low power, 195 mW per channel at 12 bits/40 MSPS (TGC) a 15 MHz noise bandwidth (NBW) and a 21.3 dB LNA gain, the 90 mW per channel for CW Doppler input SNR is roughly 92 dB. In CW Doppler mode, each LNA

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