Part # MAX7058 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Maxim


Part Description: MAX7058 DS

Part Details:

19-3206; Rev 0; 1/08 315MHz/390MHz Dual-Frequency ASK Transmitter MAX7058 General Description Features The MAX7058 UHF transmitter alternately transmits Switched 315MHz/390MHz Carrier Frequency ASK/OOK data at 315MHz or 390MHz using a single Using One Crystal crystal. The MAX7058 has internal tuning capacitors atthe output of the power amplifier that can be pro- +2.1V to +3.6V Single-Supply Operation grammed for matching to the antenna or load. TheMAX7058 can transmit at a data rate up to 100kbps ASK/OOK Modulation NRZ (50kbps Manchester coded). Typical transmitted Internal Switched Capacitors for Optimum Dual- power into a 50 load is +10dBm. The MAX7058 oper- Frequency Operation ates from +2.1V to +3.6V and draws under 8.0mA ofcurrent. The standby current is less than 1µA at room 8.0mA DC Current Drain (50% Duty Cycle OOK) temperature. A 15MHz crystal is used as the reference for 315MHz and 390MHz operation by selecting synthe- 0.8µA Standby Current sizer-divide ratios of 21 and 26, respectively. Small 4mm x 4mm, 24-Pin Thin QFN Package The MAX7058 is available in a 4mm x 4mm, 24-pin thinQFN package and is specified to operate in the -40°Cto +125°C automotive temperature range. Applications Ordering Information Garage Door Openers PKG RF Remote Controls PART TEMP RANGE PIN-PACKAGE CODE Home Automation 24 Thi n QFN - E P * MAX7058ATG+ - 40°C to + 125°C T2444+3 Wireless Sensors ( 4m m x 4m m ) Security Systems +Denotes a lead-free package. Automotive *EP = Exposed paddle. Pin Configuration Functional Block Diagram N.C. N.C. DIN ENABLE TOGGLE N.C. TOP VIEW

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