Part # MAX4970-MAX4972 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Maxim


Part Description: MAX4970 1 2 DS

Part Details:

19-4139; Rev 1; 8/08 Overvoltage-Protection Controllers with a Low RON Internal FET MAX4970/MAX4971/MAX4972 General Description Features The MAX4970/MAX4971/MAX4972 family of overvolt- o Input Voltage Protection up to +28V age protection devices features a low 40m (typ) RON o Integrated nFET Switch internal FET and protect low-voltage systems againstvoltage faults up to +28V. These devices also drive an o Reverse Voltage Protection with External pFET optional external pFET to protect against reverse-polari- o Enable Input ty input voltages. When the input voltage exceeds the o Preset Overvoltage Protection Trip Level overvoltage threshold, the internal FET is turned off to 5.8V (MAX4970) prevent damage to the protected components. 6.35V (MAX4971) All switches feature a 2.3A (min) current-limit protec- 4.65V (MAX4972) tion. During a short-circuit occurrence, the device oper- o Low-Current Undervoltage-Lockout Mode ates in an autoretry mode where the internal MOSFET isturned on to check if the fault has been removed. The o Short-Circuit Protection (Autoretry) autoretry interval time is 15ms, and if the fault is o Internal 15ms Startup Delay and Retry Times removed, the MOSFET remains on. o Input-Voltage Power-Good Logic Output The MAX4970/MAX4971/MAX4972 feature an enable o Thermal-Shutdown Protection input (EN) that controls the operation of the internalnFET as well as the optional external pFET. The use of o 2mm x 1.5mm, 12-Bump WLP Package EN allows the external pFET to block reverse voltages Pin Configuration independent of any signal present at the output. The overvoltage thresholds (OVLO) are preset to TOP VIEW (BUMPS ON BOTTOM) 4.65V (MAX4972), 5.8V (MAX4970), or 6.35V (MAX4971).The undervoltage thresholds (UVLO) are preset to 2.45V. 1 2 3 4 When the input voltage drops below the UVLO, thedevices enter a low-current standby mode. MAX4970/MAX4971/MAX4972 All devices are offered in a small 12-bump, WLP pack- A age and operate over the -40°C to +85°C extended ACOK OUT OUT OUT temperature range. Applications

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