Part # TC74LVX4051,4052,4053FT datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Toshiba


Part Description: TC74LVX4051FT 8-Channel Analog Multiplexer/Demultiplexer

Part Details:

TC74LVX4051,4052,4053FT TOSHIBA CMOS Digital Integrated Circuit Silicon Monolithic TC74LVX4051FT,TC74LVX4052FT,TC74LVX4053FT TC74LVX4051FT 8-Channel Analog Multiplexer/Demultiplexer TC74LVX4052FT Dual 4-Channel Analog Multiplexer/Demultiplexer TC74LVX4053FT Triple 2-Channel Analog Multiplexer/Demultiplexer The TC74LVX4051/4052/4053FT are high-speed, low-voltage drive analog multiplexer/demultiplexers using silicon gate CMOS technology. In 3 V and 5 V systems these can achieve high-speed operation with the low power dissipation that is a feature of CMOS. The TC74LVX4051/4052/4053FT offer analog/digital signal selection as well as mixed signals. The 4051 has an 8-channel configuration, the 4052 has an 4-channel × 2 configuration, and Weight: the 4053 has a 2-channel × 3 configuration. TSSOP16-P-0044-0.65A : 0.06 g (typ.) The switches for each channel are turned ON by the control pin digital signals. Although the control signal logical amplitude (VCC - GND) is small, the device can perform large-amplitude (VCC - VEE) signal switching. For example, if VCC = 3 V, GND = 0 V, and VEE = -3 V, signals between -3 V and +3 V can be switched from the logical circuit using a single 3 V power supply. All input pins are equipped with a newly developed input protection circuit that avoids the need for a diode on the plus side (forward side from the input to the VCC). As a result, for example, 5 V signals can be permitted on the inputs even when the power supply voltage to the circuits is off. As a result of this input power protection, the TC74LVX4051/4052/4053FT can be used in a variety of applications, including in the system which has two power supplies, and in battery backup circuits. Features · Low ON resistance: Ron = 22 (typ.) (VCC - VEE = 3 V) Ron = 15 (typ.) (VCC - VEE = 6 V) · High speed: tpd = 3 ns (typ.) (VCC = 3.0 V) · Low power dissipation: ICC = 4 A (max) (Ta = 25°C) · Input level: VIL = 0.8 V (max) (VCC = 3 V) VIH = 2.0 V (min) (VCC = 3 V) · Power down protection is provided on all control inputs · Pin and function compatible with 74HC4051/4052/4053 1 2006-06-01 TC74LVX4051,4052,4053FT Pin Assignment (top view) TC74LVX4051FT TC74LVX4052FT 4 1 16 VCC 0Y 1 16 VCC 6 2 15 2 2Y 2 15 2X COM 3 14 1 Y-COM 3 14 1X 7 4

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