Part # 74LS03 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: 54LS03 DM54LS03 DM74LS03 Quad 2-Input NAND Gates with Open-Collector Outputs

Part Details:

54LS03DM54LS03DM74LS03 June 1989 54LS03 DM54LS03 DM74LS03Quad 2-Input NAND Gateswith Open-Collector Outputs General Description Pull-Up Resistor Equations This device contains four independent gates each of which VCC (Min) b VOH performs the logic NAND function The open-collector out- RMAX e N puts require external pull-up resistors for proper logical op- 1 (IOH) a N2 (IIH) eration VCC (Max) b VOL RMIN e Features IOL b N3 (IIL) Y Alternate Military Aerospace device (54LS03) is avail- Where N1 (IOH) e total maximum output high current for all able Contact a National Semiconductor Sales Office outputs tied to pull-up resistor Quad Distributor for specifications N2 (IIH) e total maximum input high current for allinputs tied to pull-up resistor N3 (IIL) e total maximum input low current for allinputs tied to pull-up resistor 2-Input Connection Diagram Dual-In-Line Package NAND Gates with Open-Collector TL F 6344 ­ 1 Order Number 54LS03DMQB 54LS03FMQB 54LS03LMQB DM54LS03J DM54LS03W DM74LS03M or DM74LS03N See NS Package Number E20A J14A M14A N14A or W14B Function Table Y e AB Outputs Inputs Output A B Y L L H L H H H L H H H

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74LS03.pdf Datasheet