Part # MAX8633-MAX8636 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Maxim


Part Description: MAX8633 DS

Part Details:

19-0516; Rev 0; 4/06 EVALUATION KIT AVAILABLE Dual 300mA Pin-Programmable LDO Linear Regulators MAX8633­MAX8636 General Description Features The MAX8633­MAX8636 offer low-dropout (LDO) volt- © Pin-Programmable Output Voltages age and ultra-low-power regulation in a subminiaturized2mm x 2mm µDFN package. The devices operate from © 300mA Output Current a 2.7V to 5.5V supply and deliver up to 300mA fromeach output, with a typical dropout voltage of 90mV at © Low 90mV Dropout at 100mA Load 100mA load current. Each device is designed with © Open-Drain, Active-Low RESET (MAX8633) internal p-channel MOSFET pass transistors to ensure alow-quiescent supply current of 54µA (typical, both © Low 45VRMS Output Noise (MAX8634/MAX8636) LDOs on). Other features include low-noise operation(MAX8634/MAX8636), output current limiting, and ther- © Low 54A Quiescent Supply Current mal shutdown. © Low < 1A Maximum Shutdown Current The MAX8633 features an open-drain, active-lowRESET output to monitor OUT2, eliminating external © Output Current Limit components and adjustments. The MAX8633 asserts a © Thermal Shutdown RESET signal (120ms minimum timeout) when VOUT2 Ordering Information drops below 87% of the nominal output voltage. TheMAX8634/MAX8636 feature a noise bypass input to the TOP PKG PART PIN-PACKAGE internal reference for low output noise (45µVRMS typ). MARK CODE The MAX8634/MAX8635 provide independent SHDN 8 µDFN inputs for disabling the regulators, while the MAX8633/ MAX8633ELA+ AAH L822-1 2mm x 2mm MAX8636 provide a single SHDN input for disablingboth regulators. 8 TDFN MAX8633ETA+ AOQ T833-2 3mm x 3mm The MAX8633/MAX8635/MAX8636 have two logicinputs that select one of nine preset output-voltage 8 µDFN MAX8634ELA+ AAI L822-1 combinations, eliminating external 1% resistors, as well

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