Part # 74ACTQ657 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Fairchild Semiconductor

Fairchild Semiconductor

Part Description: 74ACQ657 * 74ACTQ657 Quiet Series Octal Bidirectional Transceiver with 8-Bit Parity Generator Checker and 3-STATE Outputs

Part Details:

3 7 - 4 ST AC January 1990 Revised September 2000 AT Q657 · 74AC E Output 74ACQ657 · 74ACTQ657Quiet Series Octal Bidirectional Transceiver with s T 8-Bit Parity Generator/Checker and 3-STATE Outputs Q65 General Description Features 7 Qui The ACQ/ACTQ657 contains eight non-inverting buffers s Guaranteed simultaneous switching noise level and with 3-STATE outputs and an 8-bit parity generator/ dynamic threshold performance e checker. Intended for bus oriented applications, the device s Guaranteed pin-to-pin skew AC performance t Seri combines the 245 and the 280 functions in one package. s Combines the 245 and the 280 functions in one package The ACQ/ACTQ utilizes Fairchild Quiet Series technol- s 300 mil 24-pin slim dual-in-line package ogy to guarantee quiet output switching and improved s es dynamic threshold performance. FACT Quiet Series fea- Outputs source/sink 24 mA tures GTO output control and undershoot corrector in s ACTQ has TTL-compatible inputs addition to a split ground bus or superior performance. Oct al Bidi Ordering Code: Order Number Package Number Package Description re 74ACQ657SPC N24C 24-Lead Plastic Dual-In-Line Package (PDIP), JEDEC MS-001, 0.300 Wide cti 74ACTQ657SC M24B 24-Lead Small Outline Integrated Circuit (SOIC), JEDEC MS-013, 0.300 Wide

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