Part # LM4560 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LM4560 Advanced PCI Audio Accelerator

Part Details:

LM4560 December 1998 Advanced LM4560Advanced PCI Audio Accelerator General Description Advanced Wavetable Synthesizer n Wavetable synthesis with 64-voices polyphony, which LM4560 is an advanced PCI audio accelerator providing full supports all combinations of stereo/mono, 8-/16-bits, PCI legacy compatibility, wavetable synthesis, DirectMusic, Di- and signed/unsigned samples rectSound, and DirectSound3D on a single chip for the high- n Per channel volume, pitch shift, left/right pan, tremolo, performance, cost-sensitive consumer market. It supports Audio vibrato and envelope control (32 channels in hardware) Sound Blaster functionality and is fully PC98 compliant. n Per channel effect process ing and effect volume control The LM4560 integrates a 64-voice wave table engine with for reverb, chorus, and echo per voice effect processing capability. It supports the upcom- n DLS1-compliant Downloadable Samples support ing MicrosoftTM DirectMusic API and is fully compatible with Accelerator DLS Level 1 (downloadable samples) specification. The Legacy Compatibility LM4560 is optimized for Microsoft WindowsTM 98 and Win- n Legacy game audio support with SoundBlaster Pro/16 dows NT5.0 WDM streaming architecture with re-routable compatibility on the PCI bus end-point support. The LM4560 includes DirectSound3D ac- n Legacy DMA support on PCI Bus with DDMA-enabled or celeration hardware for ITD (Interaural Time Difference), IID standard (non-DDMA) PCI chipsets (Interaural Intensity Difference), Pan, Delay, and Doppler n FM through realtime FM-to-wavetable conversion hardware. n MPU-401 compatible UART for external or internal The LM4560 supports Sound Blaster Pro/16 DOS games synthesis while improving gaming audio quality. The LM4560 supports n General MIDI/GS command interpretation for wavetable both the legacy analog gameport and a Digital Enhanced & effect synthesis Game Port. When coupled with DirectInputTM driver, the Digi- High Quality Audio and AC97 Support tal Enhanced Game Port can save up to 12% of the CPU n CD quality audio with higher than 90 dB signal-to-noise overhead nominally required by a conventional analog game ratio using an external high quality AC97 codec port. The LM4560 employs a high precision 26-bit digitalmixer, providing an accurate 20-bit output and higher than 90 n AC97 support with full duplex, independent sample rate converter for audio recording and playback dB signal-to-noise ratio when used with high quality AC97Rev 1.03 and Rev 2.0 codecs.

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