Part # LMX3162 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LMX3162 Single Chip Radio Transceiver

Part Details:

LMX3162 PRELIMINARY March 2000 LMX3162 Single Single Chip Radio Transceiver General Description The Single Chip Radio Transceiver is available in a 48-pin Chip 7mm X 7mm X 1.4mm PQFP surface mount plastic pack- The LMX3162 Single Chip Radio Transceiver is a monolithic, age. integrated radio transceiver optimized for use in ISM 2.45GHz wireless systems. It is fabricated using National s ABiC Features Radio V BiCMOS process (f = 18 GHz). T The LMX3162 contains phase locked loop (PLL), transmit n Single chip solution for ISM 2.45 GHz RF transceiver and receive functions. The 1.3 GHz PLL is shared between n System RF sensitivity to -93 dBm; RSSI sensitivity to transmit and receive sections. The transmitter includes a fre- -100 dBm T quency doubler, and a high frequency buffer. The receiver n Two regulated voltage outputs for discrete amplifiers ransceiver consists of a 2.5 GHz low noise mixer, an intermediate fre- n High gain (85 dB) intermediate frequency strip quency (IF) amplifier, a high gain limiting amplifier, a fre- n Allows unregulated 3.0V­5.5V supply voltage quency discriminator, a received signal strength indicator n Power down mode for increased current savings (RSSI), and an analog DC compensation loop. The PLL, n System noise figure 6.5 dB (typ) doubler, and buffers can be used to implement open loopmodulation along with an external VCO and loop filter. The Applications circuit features on-chip voltage regulation to allow supplyvoltages ranging from 3.0V to 5.5V. Two additional voltage n ISM 2.45 GHz frequency band wireless systems regulators provide a stable supply source to external dis- n Personal wireless communications (PCS/PCN) crete stages in the Tx and Rx chains. n Wireless local area networks (WLANs) The IF amplifier, high gain limiting amplifier, and discrimina- n Other wireless communications systems tor are optimized for 110 MHz operation, with a total IF gainof 85 dB. The single conversion receiver architecture pro-vides a low cost, high performance solution for communica-tions systems. The RSSI output may be used for channelquality monitoring. Block Diagram DS100929-1 MICROWIRETM is a trademark of National Semiconductor Corporation.TRI-STATE® is a registered trademark of National Semiconductor Corporation. © 2000 National Semiconductor Corporation DS100929 LMX3162 Connection Diagram LMX3162

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