Part # ST72344K4 ST72344S4 ST72345C4 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: ST72340 ST72344 ST72345 - 8-BIT MCU WITH UP TO 16K FLASH MEMORY,10-BIT ADC, TWO 16-BIT TIMERS, TWO I2C, SPI, SC

Part Details:

ST72340, ST72344, ST72345 8-BIT MCU WITH UP TO 16K FLASH MEMORY, 10-BIT ADC, TWO 16-BIT TIMERS, TWO I2C, SPI, SCI Memories ­ up to 16 Kbytes Program memory: Single volt- age extended Flash (XFlash) with read-outand write protection, In-Circuit and In-Applica-tion Programming (ICP and IAP). 10K write/erase cycles guaranteed, data retention: 20 LQFP48 LQFP44 years at 55°C. 7 x 7 10 x 10 ­ up to 1 Kbyte RAM­ 256 bytes data EEPROM with read-out pro- tection. 300K write/erase cycles guaranteed,data retention: 20 years at 55°C. Clock, Reset and Supply Management LQFP32 ­ Power On / Power Off safe reset with 3 pro- 7 x 7 grammable threshold levels (LVD) ­ Auxiliary Voltage Detector (AVD) ­ 16-bit timer B with: 2 input captures, 2 output compares, PWM and Pulse generator modes ­ Clock sources: crystal/ceramic resonator os- cillators, high-accuracy internal RC oscillator 3 Communication Interfaces or external clock ­ I2C Multi Master / Slave ­ PLL for 4x or 8x frequency multiplication ­ I2C Slave 3 Addresses No Stretch with DMA ­ 5 Power Saving Modes: Slow, Wait, Halt, access and Byte Pair Coherency on I²C Read Auto-Wakeup from Halt and Active Halt ­ SCI asynchronous serial interface (LIN com- ­ Clock output capability (f patible) CPU) Interrupt Management ­ SPI synchronous serial interface ­ Nested interrupt controller 1 Analog peripheral ­ 10 interrupt vectors plus TRAP and RESET ­ 10-bit ADC with 12 input channels (8 on 32- pin devices) ­ 9 external interrupt lines on 4 vectors Instruction Set Up to 34 I/O Ports ­ 8-bit data manipulation ­ up to 34 multifunctional bidirectional I/O lines ­ 63 basic instructions with illegal opcode de- ­ up to 12 high sink outputs (10 on 32-pin devic- tection es) ­ 17 main addressing modes 4 Timers ­ 8 x 8 unsigned multiply instruction ­ Configurable window watchdog timer

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ST72344K4 ST72344S4 ST72345C4.pdf Datasheet