Part # MAX3394E-MAX3396E datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Maxim


Part Description: MAX3394EÐ96E DS

Part Details:

19-3884; Rev 2; 2/07 ±15kV ESD-Protected, High-Drive Current, Dual-/Quad-/ Octal-Level Translators with Speed-Up Circuitry MAX3394E/MAX3395E/MAX3396E General Description Features The MAX3394E/MAX3395E/MAX3396E bidirectional ±15kV ESD Protection on I/O VCC_ Lines level translators provide level shifting required for data Bidirectional Level Translation Without Direction transfer in a multivoltage system. Internal slew-rate Pin enhancement circuitry features 10mA current-sink and15mA current-source drivers to isolate capacitive loads I/O VL_ and I/O VCC_ 10mA Sink-/15mA Source- from lower current drivers. In open-drain systems, slew- Current Capability rate enhancement enables fast data rates with larger Slew-Rate Enhancement Circuitry Supports pullup resistors and increased bus load capacitance. Larger Capacitive Loads or Larger External Pullup Externally applied voltages, VCC and VL, set the logic- Resistors high levels for the device. A logic-low signal on one I/O 6Mbps Push-Pull/1Mbps Open-Drain Guaranteed side of the device appears as a logic-low signal on the Data Rate opposite I/O side, and vice-versa. Each I/O line is pulled up to V Wide Supply-Voltage Range: Operation Down to CC or VL by an internal pullup resistor, allowing the devices to be driven by either push-pull or +1.2V on VL and +1.65V on VCC open-drain drivers. Low Supply Current in Tri-State Output Mode (3µA typ) The MAX3394E/MAX3395E/MAX3396E feature a tri-state output mode, thermal-shutdown protection, and Low Quiescent Current ±15kV Human Body Model (HBM) ESD protection on Thermal-Shutdown Protection the VCC side for greater protection in applications that UCSP, TDFN, and TQFN Packages route signals externally. The MAX3394E/MAX3395E/MAX3396E accept V Ordering Information CC volt- ages from +1.65V to +5.5V, and VL voltages from +1.2V PART PIN-PACKAGE PKG CODE to VCC, making them ideal for data transfer between lowvoltage ASIC/PLDs and higher voltage systems. The MAX3394EETA+T 8 TDFN-EP** T833-1 MAX3394E/MAX3395E/MAX3396E operate at a guaran-

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