Part # LM1207 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LM1205 LM1207 130 MHz 85 MHz RGB Video Amplifier System with Blanking

Part Details:

LM1205LM1207 January 1996 LM1205 LM1207130 MHz 85 MHz RGB Video Amplifier System withBlanking Y Three externally gated single ended input comparators 130 General Description for cutoff and brightness control The LM1205 LM1207 is a very high frequency video amplifi- Y 0V to 4V high input impedance DC contrast control er system intended for use in high resolution RGB monitor (l40 dB range) MHz85 applications In addition to the three matched video amplifi- Y ers the LM1205 LM1207 contains three gated single end- 0V to 4V high input impedance DC drive control for ed input black level clamp comparators for brightness con- each video amplifier (b6 dB to 0 dB range) trol three matched DC controlled attenuators for contrast Y Spot killer blanks output when VCC k 10 6V control and three DC controlled sub-contrast attenuators Y Capable of 7 VPP output swing (slight reduction in providing gain trim capability for white balance All DC con- bandwidth) MHz trol inputs offer high input impedance and an operation Y Output stage blanking range from 0V to 4V for easy interface to bus controlled Y Output stage directly drives most hybrid or discrete alignment systems The LM1205 LM1207 also contains a CRT drivers blanking circuit which clamps the video output voltage dur- RGB ing blanking to within 0 1V above ground This feature pro- Applications vides blanking capability at the cathodes of the CRT A spot Y High resolution RGB CRT monitors killer is provided for CRT phosphor protection during power- Y Video AGC amplifiers Video down Y Wideband amplifiers with gain and DC offset controls Features Y Interface amplifiers for LCD or CCD systems Y

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