Part # gsp-1216stm datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: AC DC POWER SUPPLY

Part Details:

GSP-1216STM AC/DC POWER SUPPLY PRELIMINARY DATA FEATURES EUROPEAN INPUT VOLTAGE 230 Vac SINGLE OUTPUT MAX 20W EMC COMPLIANCE ACCORDING TO EU DIRECTIVES SAFETY APPROVAL ACCORDING TO EN60950 / EN60065 OUTPUT VOLTAGE PRECISION: ±5% INPUT FUSE PROTECTION OUTPUT SHORT CIRCUIT PROTECTION 2 WIRES DC CORD 1.5 m TERMINATED WITH 5.5 mm (ext. diam.) / 2.1 mm (int. diam.) JACK CONNECTOR LOW STAND BY POWER CONSUMPTION AVAILABLE WITH EU PLUG CE MARKED UPON REQUEST DESCRIPTION Upon request and agreement, the power supply can The Power Plug is a high efficiency AC/DC switching be customized offering different current/voltage level, mode constant voltage generator. a variety of plugs (among which Uk, Us, etc.) andsupport to gain specific Agency Approvals, as well. Designed for a variety of residential applications, thiswall plug-in power supply performs up to 20W outputpower. Typical reference value for the off the shelf solution is12V 1.6A. Coming into a compact housing, the power plug canbe assembled with EU plug identified by a specific or-dering number. Output DC power is ensured via a 2 wires cord withstrain relief, terminated with a barrel connector. Typical weight is 52 grams only, without cable. Rev. 2 May 2005 1/4 This is preliminary information on a new product in development or undergoing evaluation. Details are subject to change without notice. GSP-1216STM Table 1. Electrical Characteristics (Tamb=25)C, unless otherwise specified.)GSP-1216STM/x Symbol Parameter Test Condition Min. Typ. Max. Unit Vi Input Voltage 187 264 VRMS Io Output Current Tambient = 40ºC, Vi =187÷ 264 Vac 1.6 A Vo Output Voltage Vi =187÷ 264 Vac, Io= 0 ÷ Imax 11.4 12 12.6 V Vor

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