Part # BDX53B BDX53C BDX54B BDX54C datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: Complementary power Darlington transistors

Part Details:

BDX53B - BDX53CBDX54B - BDX54C Complementary power Darlington transistors Features Good hFE linearity High fT frequency Monolithic Darlington configuration with integrated antiparallel collector-emitter diode Application 3 2 Audio amplifiers 1 Linear and switching industrial equipment TO-220 Description The devices are manufactured in planar base island technology with monolithic Darlington configuration. Figure 1. Internal schematic diagram R1 typ.= 10 k R2 typ.= 150 Table 1. Device summary Order code Marking Package Packaging BDX53B BDX53B BDX53C BDX53C TO-220 Tube BDX54B BDX54B BDX54C BDX54C October 2007 Rev 4 1/7 7 Electrical ratings BDX53B - BDX53C - BDX54B - BDX54C 1 Electrical ratings Table 2. Absolute maximum ratings Value Symbol Parameter NPN BDX53B BDX53C Unit PNP BDX54B

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BDX53B BDX53C BDX54B BDX54C.pdf Datasheet