Part # AD9734 AD9735 AD9736 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Part Description: AD9734/AD9735/AD9736 10-/12-/14-Bit 1200 MSPS DACS Data Sheet (Rev. A)

Part Details:

10-/12-/14-Bit, 1200 MSPS DACS AD9734/AD9735/AD9736 FEATURES FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM Pin-compatible family DACCLK­ RESET IRQ DACCLK+ Excellent dynamic performance S1 S2 S3 AD9736: SFDR = 82 dBc at fOUT = 30 MHz SDIO C1 AD9736: SFDR = 69 dBc at fOUT = 130 MHz SDO SPI CONTROLLER C2 CSB AD9736: IMD = 87 dBc at fOUT = 30 MHz SCLK C3 C3 AD9736: IMD = 82 dBc at fOUT = 130 MHz R DATACLK_OUT+ E CLOCK LVDS data interface with on-chip 100 terminations DATACLK_OUT­ DISTRIBUTION LVDS DRIV Built-in self test S3 LVDS sampling integrity R DATACLK_IN+ IOUTA R 2× 14-, 12-, LVDS-to-DAC data transfer integrity E DATACLK_IN­ 10-BIT DAC IV CORE IOUTB Low power: 380 mW (IFS = 20 mA; fOUT = 330 MHz) DB[13:0]+ LVDS CE DB[13:0]­

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AD9734 AD9735 AD9736.pdf Datasheet