Part # FDS7064SN3 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Fairchild Semiconductor

Fairchild Semiconductor

Part Description: FDS7064SN3 30V N-Channel PowerTrench SyncF

Part Details:

FDS7064SN3 February 2004 FDS7064SN3 30V N-Channel PowerTrench SyncFETTM General Description · Features The FDS7064SN3 is designed to improve the efficiency · 16 A, 30 V RDS(ON) = 8.0 m @ VGS = 10 V of Buck Regulators. Used as the Synchronous rectifier, RDS(ON) = 9.5 m @ VGS = 4.5 V (Low side MOSFET), losses can be reduced, not only in this device, but also in the Control switch, (High side · High performance trench technology for extremely MOSFET). After the low side MOSFET turns off, low R reverse recovery current in the body diode is dissipated DS(ON) in the High Side device. A Discrete Schottky diode in · No inductance between MOSFET and Schottky parallel with the Low Side MOSFET can lower the reverse recovery current, but parasitic PCB and · 40% reduction in Body Diode Forward Voltage Package Inductance reduce the effectiveness of the Schottky. SyncFETTM technology reduces this · Optimized to reduce losses in Synchronous Buck inductance to a minimum by providing a monolithic solution (MOSFET and Schottky in the same die), Regulators resulting in optimum performance. · FLMP SO-8 package for enhanced thermal Applications performance. · Synchronous Rectifier D Bottom-side D NC Drain Contact D NC 5 4 D NC D NC 6 3 7 2 FLMP SO-8 G G S S

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